Used Aramid materials

Used Aramid (Kevlar) products.

With the onset of the war in eastern Ukraine, when the poorly equipped young boys without body armor and helmets were thrown at the defensive border, people came to the rescue, who became the supporters of our army very quickly - volunteers!

For the military, mass purchases of body armor and helmets, departing from the armed forces of the EU countries (Great Britain, Germany, Italy, etc.). Today we will talk about Aramid (better known as Kevlar), the terms and conditions for its storage.

It is not a secret to anyone that the equipment manufacturers make a warranty on this material, with a storage warehouse of 5 years. After the expiration of this term, most often aramid loses its ballistic characteristics, it is dead and soft, in some cases, may soften so much that the helmet is pushed by a finger.


Special attention is paid to the conditions of storage, because in spite of all the material transferred, in the case of moisture, it loses its protective properties, even after drying it does not restore them to 100%. Do you have a warranty when you buy a helmet or vest from a "humanitarian" to be sure that it has been kept clearly, in accordance with the requirements ?! - we do not think so.

Stories about "buying a used helmet and everything was ok with it" this can work as a self-complacency and self-justification for the purchase of cheap equipment. On the actions of the same - do you guarantee such tests, that the second, third, fourth armor, which lies even beside, will protect at a critical moment? The answer is unequivocal - no!

It is in this fundamental difference of new and used equipment. New - GUARANTEES its protective properties, a fighter can be confident in his protection.

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