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    UARM is licensed and responsible developer, our main priority is your safety therefore all of our developments are not only licensed by government standards but also tested in real combat.


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    UARM is an ideology collaboration of scientist, technologist, constructors and designers that adhere principles of quality, reliability, comfort and individual attention during the production of armored goods.We are a trusted domestic and international supplier of armor. Our products has uncomparable comfort, reliability, safety and quality.

    Our mission - is to create qualitative, durable, safe and reliable equipment for each customer. Every day we prove that our mission is possible by deed. Words could not protect your life. They can’t stop bullets that go through Ukrainian soldiers, nor shield policemen's that arrests armed criminal, they cannot guarantee safety of a dog that helps frontier guards. That’s why our company exists to create safety and to prove that there are high quality standards in Ukrainian armor industry in terms of today's combat conditions.

    Every day UARM manufactures protect hundreds of lives.We understand that our work keeps people safe, creates reliable and proper protection. That is why we create perfection among protective goods at available prices.

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    Everything started during the Maidan revolution. At the cruelest days of Revolution of Dignity people standing on the barricades felt the need of body armor. At the time of need first 40 body protective vests were created in several days and were taken to the Maidan. The second call for armour was during Crimean annexation that escalated to Anti Terrorist Operation at the time that showed that Ukrainian military needs qualitative and reliable armor. Ukrainian army needed a body armor manufacturer due to a catastrophic demand. That`s why we started moving this way, bought pre-fabricated plates, individually stitch in shops vests, retail the information.

    Approximately we spent half of the year examining information on the closed and semi-closed sources of engineers community, the allure to work engineers, designers, developers. Our goods already helped a lot of business travels to Europe. Some production plant agreed to show production. At the same time found the plays for production – old aviation plant, which was the occasion to full reconstruction and restoring. Today an assortment of companies goods estimate several dozens of items. We constantly update all our products and work in order to bring new goods to show the world that Ukrainian product - is a quality product!

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    In two years of the company's existence we have created and adjusted our own manufacturing: production line of body armours, bulletproof helmets, ceramic and UHMWE hard plates, different tactical accoutrements and others goods of its branch. Our products are an equilibrium of combat experience knowledge of foreign manufacturers with Ukrainian circumstances.

    All samples are tested in ballistic scientific centres in compliance with all necessary requirement rates by the government standards.They include measurements of bullet speed and after penetration effect. Before the product rolls out except standard ballistic trials, it has to complete trials of comfort wearing test. Beyond that our clients constantly perform testing in the field conditions, with the best comments as results.

    Among the materials which we use for the manufacturing, we use only proved sources and brands: aramid Twaron, high-quality Cordura, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene TM Dyneema etc. All this in order that Ukrainians could obtain quality protection for an affordable price.

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History of our company started complicated and on the way of its evolvement, we faced a lot of surprises. But all we had done during past few years, we do until nowadays and hopefully, that will do it for many years more, so you feel yourself in safe. That lives of our soldiers, policeman's or just usual Ukrainians was protected. In order to Ukraine was protected!


We promise you would not stop on the accomplished and will permanent improve our manufactures and asking you help us: honest and upfront saying about all its advantages and disadvantages. Because protection can be and should be not only reliable but also comfort. We expect that chosen by you on this website protection will precisely this!


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