Unique Ventilation

Unique Ventilation system

How often do you have to wear a body armor and sweat in it? How often do you feel discomfort when wearing a vest for a long period of time, but said to yourself that the carcass of vest  should be like this ?!
Now all these inconveniences are behind. UARM™  does not  agree that body armor should be uncomfortable. Thinking about you, we have created a unique system of ventilation, so that you are not distracted by little annoying things and stay focused on the task.
As a rule, 3D ventilation is made of a 3D grid, which provides active poisoning and ventilation of the user's body.

Most of our vests are equipped with a ventilation system made with COOLMAX® fabric, from which the inner coating is made it provides reliable drying.Absorbs odor and does not allow bacteria to gorw.In addition to the use of modern materials, excellent circulation of air between the vest and the user,  is provided by form of  ventilation system


Most often, the ventilation system is detachable, so that the user could refresh the vest without washing it. The fastener to the vest is made using a Velcro, which allows you to quickly and easily remove or retract ventilation.

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