The Velcro® fabric is a fastener and a fabric that represents a pair of textile strips that has the micro-hooks on one side, and on another micro-loop (the original name from the French Velor (velvet) + Crochet (hook). The soft natural material, the surface of which It consists of many villi, their length, depending on the species, may vary, ranging from three to seven millimeters. The pile is located on a cloth with a dense layer, which determines how much the product will be velvet and gentle to the touch.
Georges de Meastral created this textile, who used to take a dog's fur buds after a walk with a dog. One day he looked at them under a microscope, through which he saw tiny hooks. So  Mestral came up with the idea of ​​fastening-Velcro. On its implementation, the engineer went through years of trial and error, as a result of which the inventor realized that the Velcro is best done with nylon.



This fabric is very strong, therefore it is resistant to mechanical influences of any origin (friction, scratching, etc.). Does not lose its appearance and shape. Specially designed for use in the manufacture of medical clothing, military goods and other products, where comfort and safety for a person, skin contact, decent appearance and long service life are an important factor.Georges de Meustral originally envisioned VELCRO®   as a mark of hooks, hinges and clips for clothes. Today, the company's products are used in a wide range of industries, from health to military. With more than 300 active patents worldwide.


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