The development of the pattern began in the distant 2012, then the company "The Brookwood" announced the start of development. The camouflage itself saw the world in 18 months. An interesting peculiarity of this pattern is that it does not share the common geometry of coloring, as some of the more popular camouflage today. Of course someone can say that this pattern is similar to AOR or MARPAT, although there are differences in this model, namely: the color is more contrasting and geometrically they differ from each other.

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом
Brookwood's forms are more recessive in the rough terrain than Multicam, but the color, contrast and brightness do not allow it to be spotted. At close range, polygonal shapes can be easily seen and the lack of geometry in this pattern helps to blur the image. At a distance, Covert® products just disappear against the backdrop of a green spot.

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