Murdock Webbing®

Murdock Webbing® - In 1792, the first textile factory in the United States was established. Then the until 1936, textile production gaining experience in textiles and that was not an easy maturation path. In early 1939, a graduate of Massachusetts University of Technology, Frederick Murdoch and several companions, opened a textile factory. In the early 60's, the factory got the first orders from the United States Army, and from then on, the main priority of this company is the materials for the soldiers.

In 2010, company developed a technoloy that significantly improved the quality and durability of slings. Since then, the patterns on new samples began to be applied not by painting as before, but thanks to a special thread braid.
Today, Murdock Webbing® is a manufacturer of fabrics of a different design. For example, one of the company's developments is Multicam®, A-TACS®, and Kryptek®, Typhon®, and Mandrake®.

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