Aramid (Aramid) - a class of heat-resistant and durable synthetic fibers. The name comes from the phrase "aromatic polyamide" (aromatic polyamide).

In such fibers, the chain of molecules are strictly oriented in a certain direction, which allows them to control their mechanical characteristics.

These include metaraamides (for example, NOMEX). Most of them are copolyamides, known under the brand name Technora of the Japanese chemical concern Teijin.


TWARON® is the trade name of the durable, heat-resistant para-aramidl fiber manufactured by Teijin.

According to the manufacturer, the use of material to protect armored vehicles can reduce the weight of armor by 30-60% compared to armor steel.

The Twaron LFT SB1 fabric, released under the brand-name laminating technology, consists of several layers of fibers that are arranged at different angles to each other and are interconnected with a filler.

It is used for the production of lightweight body armor and helmets.

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