Coolmax is a specially developed fiber developed by DuPont. Like dacron, it is made of polyester, but in the cross section it has not a round shape, but consists of four channels. Thanks to this, the CoolMax fiber has 20% more surface area than a circular fiber, and has increased capillary properties.

This unique structure absorbs the moisture released by the body, much faster, and immediately transfers it to the outer surface, where it immediately evaporates. Due to the unique structure of the fibers, Coolmax properties are retained even after prolonged use. Coolmax dries up 2 times faster than cotton.To wash products made from Coolmax there’s no special detergents needed. Coolmax is 50% softer than cotton, and it is very pleasant to touch. When used  Coolmax has the best fit of material to the body is and in addition to comfort, the moisture-repellent properties of the product  are amaizing. Material Coolmax is excellent for removing moisture, so the products from this material are designed for heavy physical activity.


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