The history of the creation of the cordura fabric begins in New York in the distant 1935. At this time, researchers at Du Pont, under the direction of V.Karoterza, accidentally created nylon-polyamide.

While trying to create a new material, they warmed up water, ethyl alcohol and cobblestone resin, while receiving fiber, thin as silk, very thin and transparent.

To invent a complicated name is not something unusual for scientists but this time they called the material "NYlon", the first letters of the city of New York.

After a while DuPont has developed a new material called "Cordura". The thread, which formed the basis of the fabric, was stronger than other polyamides more than 4 times.

The melting point was 210 ° C. The fabric has been extremely resistant to erosion, rupture and other damage. However, DuPont did not develop the direction of Cordura, but patented the development and sold it to Invista.

Now Invista has been engaged in a full cycle of production of new material. To make the raw material softer and safer, about 10% cotton was added to the wrappings, with the fabric becoming weedy.

From this moment the material became pleasant to the touch, and due to special impregnations - moisture resistant.Since then, the cordura, which we know now, is manufactured in the Invista factory.


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