The new camouflage pattern A-TACS (from the Advanced Tactical Concealment System, the modern tactical cloaking system) is very popular. The picture was developed by the American company Digital Concealment Systems (DCS) and was first introduced to the public in 2010.

Only when appeared, the color immediately aroused interest from representatives of military departments, security agencies, manufacturers of uniforms and equipment.

The authors of A-TACS, who have had more than 15 years of development of masking means, have abandoned traditional approaches to camouflage making.

The hybrid approach was first used, unnatural square pixels were replaced by organic pixels. A separate special digital color mix was created that was selected from the real elements with the help of controlled illumination.

Using small specimens to create large shapes that are organized in a separate drawing without horizontal or vertical orientation. The colors found correspond most closely to those found in nature. This revolutionary principle was called a pattern within a pattern.

AU (Arid / Urban - drought / "ATAKS Arid Urban") - the color is created for the city, rocky and sandy landscapes. The shades of beige and brown, as well as the color of asparagus are mostly used. The ammunition and the uniform are painted with a camouflage pattern A-TACS AU, popular in some parts of the United States. In addition, the uniform with the drawing A-TACS AU is used in the anti-terrorist units of the Polish police and special units of the UDA.




FG (Foliage / Green - leaves / green,"ATAKS Foilig Green") - the color is intended for masking in a wooded area of temperate climate. All possible shades of green, marsh and brown are used. Smooth color transitions enhance the effect of blur.




LE (Law Enforcement - Law Enforcement) - coloring for law enforcement units. Camouflaged dye was created with the participation of law enforcement agencies of the United States, released in 2013. The design combines a variety of shades of black, blue and gray, which are located in the traditional "organic pixel" style for this brand. In addition, the design includes the changing shapes and angles inherent in the city landscape, which were obtained photographic way, which suggests the effective use of light and shadow, which create an exceptional masking effect.



The new A-TACS iX (Intermediate Xtereme) was the first camouflage in the new generation of camouflage from A-Tacs Camo. This flagship pattern of the new "X series" line of masking patterns is the main component of an entirely universal masking solution. The A-TACS iX uses the latest technology in print and camouflage design combining them with an ideal mix of colors borrowed from already well-known and well-proven A-TACS AU and FG.





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