MARPAT Desert is a camouflage painting of the US Marine Corps, designed for the desert and dry regions.

The Government of the United States has patented MARPAT, including the specifics of its production. With the regulation of the structure and elements that should be provided only by authorized manufacturers and not for a wide commercial sale, although analogues are such as Digital Woodland Camo or Digital Desert Camo.

Designed and put into use between 2002 and 2004. The structure is formed from small rectangular pixels of different colors. In theory, it is much more effective camouflage than standard single-color models, since it imitates spotted texture and "rough borders" found in natural conditions.



This pattern is also known as "digital model" or "Digi-cammies", the drawing of such camouflage is projected using computer calculations and contains elements that resemble computer pixels. Brown, light brown, sand and beige colors are used. Similar patterns are used in the armed forces of Chile, Iraq, Lebanon.

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