• Material: urethane plastic foam, Velcro

All our helmets have a harness system of proper production, which include manufacture and assembling of special air-cushion "pillows" - pads.

To change arrangement of pads it is enough to use the velcro from the inside part, they also have so-called "memory effect". In other words, frame up helmets work in a way that if you wear it for a sertain period of time, pads will adapt to the form of your head at the same time add more comfort and reliability during long time exploitation.

Except for pads, you can order other accessories for the helmets - lateral rails, skeleton shroud, headphone adaptor.

Shipping and payment

Order the pads is possible in several ways:

  • on these websites,
  • by the telephone +38 (067) 325 72 36,
  • via e-mail:  
  • in our showroom that locates on the address Kyiv, 94-A Povitroflotsky ave.   

Received your package you could in several ways:

  • in our showroom that locates on the address Kyiv, 94-A Povitroflotsky ave. Here you also can try it on and view all other items of our company.
  • order the delivery of purchase by any shipping company (Nova Poshta, Ukrainian post, Gunsel and other) to the warehouse of shipping company or by the pouch to the concrete address. Payment of delivery calculated according to the rate of the shipping company.  

For our customers arranged the opportunities of payment in any available ways:

  • credit transfer: after the style of purchase entitle to the communicator copies of the document for invoice issues (for legal entity – copy of registration certificate, for private person – initials, passport serial number ), received a sales invoice and paying it in any bank or via the payment account of the company;
  • on the bank card: more simple way of paying for private person – just transfer necessary amount on the card number given by communicator with using on-line banking from the terminal of any banks or in cash department;
  • cash in the office of the company: come to our showroom and paid a purchase by the cash (also you can try on and examine all obtained goods). 


  • Material: urethane plastic foam, Velcro



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